Northern Lion Brothers

The two Northern lion brothers arrived in June this year and have settled in the North of the reserve for now. The males were brought onto the reserve for genetics purposes to prevent inbreeding. It is a new line of blood that will prevent inbreeding amongst the prides. Even though we have a dominant male,
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Tyron – Shamwari Ranger Q&A

I am very excited to start guiding at Explorer Camp as it has just opened. It is a fulfilling experience to walk in the bush with guests and experience wildlife on foot. The camp is a unique experience at Shamwari and like no other. Name: Tyron Van Der Walt Title: Junior Field Guide Started
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World Rhino Day 2016

In celebration of World Rhino Day, this year we’ve dedicated this blog to highlight the rhino crisis in South Africa as well as what we at Shamwari Game Reserve are doing about the epidemic. We pride ourselves on our actions in conserving a vanishing way of life.  The rhino poaching crisis in South Africa and
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Jessica Tyrer – Shamwari Ranger Q&A

Jessica has been with us for 4 years. She is a brilliant ranger and is incredibly well-liked by guests and colleagues alike. Her knowledge of the fauna and flora at Shamwari as well as her friendly personality make her one great game ranger! Name: Jessica Tyrer Title: Game Ranger Started at Shamwari: December 2012
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Spring at Shamwari Game Reserve

Shamwari experienced a hot and dry summer from the effects of El Nino and followed with a dry winter. A small amount of rain recently fell as spring is approaching us from the 1st September. It has created a wealth of intense colours as the grasslands have now turned into a welcoming green once again.
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Spotlight Package – Long Lee Manor

Long Lee Manor boasts refined elegance from a bygone era.   This Edwardian style lodge exudes manicured gardens, pools and verandas, each overlooking the magnificent plains teeming with wildlife. It has 15 twin bedded rooms and can sleep up to 30 adults at two people per room. The Manor House is the ideal place for
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Unsung Heroes | Shamwari Anti-Poaching Unit

We are forever thankful to the Shamwari Game Reserve Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) who work tirelessly to protect our rhinos from poachers. Their hours are incredibly long and their sacrifices are many.   First Female APU Member A few months ago, Denise Erikkson joined our team, who officially became the first female APU member.   Originally from
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Game Ranger – Q & A – Jan Dykema

Name: Jan Dykema Title: Game Ranger When did you start at Shamwari? 2 May 2010 Where are you from? I grew up on a farm in Kroonstad What did you do before starting at Shamwari? I was in the military as a paratrooper for 4 years What are your qualifications?   FAGASA level 2 Full
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Package Spotlight – Pro Photo Safari Special

Photographers of any level can take advantage of our Pro Photo Safari Package. This guided adventure not only takes you through Shamwari Game Reserve, but also enables you to receive tips and tricks from leading photographers Iky and Ryan.     Exclusive Package Discount Until the 30th September 2016, visitors can receive 30% off on
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Shamwari Celebrates Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela inspired people all over the world to stand up for what they believe in. His hope was for everyone to take action and inspire change in order to make the world a better place. The message behind Mandela Day is that each individual has the ability to change for the better. Mandela Day
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